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Aluminum, steel, iron, or even aluminum composite materials (ALC) are some of the metallic materials we work with in our portfolio. Portcullis, gates and forged pieces are just some of the sample products created by us using iron and steel. Notwithstanding, composites are the ones letting free rein to our engineers' imagination to reach impeccable finishing as well as adaptable solutions to multiple decoration and production difficulties. Thanks to our paints, it is possible to prime different coatings, not only conferring metallic and non-metallic effects, but even also making possible surfaces and patterns simulating wood or marble.   This comes, moreover, accompanied by due treatments to withstand the weather onslaughts and outdoor conditions. 

Biomechanics and electronics go hand in hand to offer the ultimate theming experience by means of replicating creatures' behavior.   The world of cinema and special effects is at your reach already.

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