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Our commitment is to complete projects on time, within budget and to the full satisfaction of the customer, because our customers while contemplate a complete refit.

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Our techniques

The evolution of our themed finishing moves us to be up-to-date with the new spraying techniques. Thanks to our resins and the sculpturing techniques of our artists, now it is possible to reach an impeccable science-fiction finishing.

  • Resins

    Using projection techniques and treatments, our sculptors and carve till the material until the finish own utopian fantasy or cartoon styles, among others.

  • Wood

    In order to bring visitors to ancient times, we draw upon wood and cabinetmaking techniques which let us replicate every king of ambient.

  • Metal

    Aluminum, steel, iron and even ALC or Aluminium Composite Materials are some of the metallic materials of our portfolio. Rakes, doors and floors are just a few examples of products made by iron and steel.

  • Animatronics

    Drawing upon robotic techniques and replicating biomechanics, this technique places visitors inside a new dimension. As a theme complement in our offer, animatronics rises the theming bar to a higher level.

  • GRC

    Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete is a sort of concrete reinforced using fiberglass. Its resilience and malleability provide endless possibilities in the theming world. This material has been used mainly in the finishing for facades, walling and prefabricated concrete elements.

  • Mortars

    Our range of patented mortars of our own making has actively contributed to the betterment of the performance, carving and drying of certain thixotropics to work this material more comfortably

  • Digital Printing

    Rocas & Design has its own Digital Printing Department, where our technical capability is merged with the technical know-how of our specialists to optimize the finishing by different techniques.

  • Paint

    Color fading, decay and outdoor conditions no longer imply giving up on realistic, spectacular and luminous finishing.


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26 May 2016

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