25 Mayo 2015

Bobbejaanland :The Forbidden Caves By Rocas & Design

Visitors will be led into mysterious caves, where danger and supernatural creatures await. This thrilling journey detours into an underground adventure, dashing through treacherous passageways and haunted sculptures to discover the legendary mines abandoned for unfathomable reasons.

Sun-bleached signage, crumbled rocks, exotic stone relieves, digitally printed billboards, unexpected special effects, weathered wooden elements, wrathful idols and bizarre ancient props represent only some of the theming works encompassed within the turnkey solutions Rocas & Design provides.

In order to generate the overpowering spooky ambient within these caverns, dedicated in-house departments for each material and technique are needed, covering every scenic area and element of this project to deliver this enhanced immersive experience.
The award-winning international media production studio, Super78, together with the world leader in sensory experience design, Holovis, are united in excellence with Rocas & Design to top the highest standard in immersive experiences.

Thus, Rocas & Design proudly thanks all team members and the park management for trusting us once more.


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