Walibi Wavre - Train des Bellevues


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The Calamity Jane ride is found within the Walibi Park in Belgium, the largest park in Belgium. This park belongs to Walibi Parcs Group, run by la Companie des Alpes.
The area dedicated to the Far West is the place where one of the most popular rides is placed, the old Calamity Mine. This ride comprises a number of wooden buildings attached to this roller coaster out of artificial rock. Visitors may discover this mine thanks to its roller coaster running through its interior.

This ride was ruined as a consequence of the floods in winter 2010 in Belgium. Rocas & Design was commissioned the refurbishment of the whole wooden construction and the repair of roofing of these buildings.

For the roof, wedge-shaped wooden shingles out of Canadian Western red cedar were used. This shingles are typically used for the construction of Center European and North American shelters. The rest of the wooden facilities were cleaned, repaired and repainted to bring this ride back to its original condition.

After the intervention of Rocas & Design, visitors of Walibi Beldium may return to enjoy one of the best rides in the park.
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