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Complejo Rey is a 4-star hotel within a housing estate in El Toyo, Almería. This is an exclusive residential area encompassing a golf course and multiple hotels which was built coinciding with the Mediterranean Games in Almería.

To favor the placement of this hotel and to differentiate it from the other neighboring competitors, Rocas & Design has designed a theming project inspired in ancient Egypt. We were commissioned the theming works for three areas:

Gardens and swimming pools: This hotel comprises a comprehensive leisure offer set against the backdrop of the ancient Egypt, where the paramount element within is an original restaurant in the shape of a pyramid 15 m in height. The water games within swimming pools play a key role, hence their lake-shaped design with numerous facilities for the joy of children and grown-ups. Moreover, a lazy river was designed to run through the terrace and therapeutic area in order to round off the wellness service portfolio.

Facades: This hotel is immediately differentiated from its competitors thanks to its spectacular facade covered in architectural themed components. Using large-scale cornices, cantilevers and different textures in this finishing, we managed to create a hotel, the unmistakable façade of which is characterized by its low maintenance.

SPA: Complejo Rey boasts a superb Egypt spa inspired in the time of Queen Cleopatra. This area was highly-themed to replicate this historic atmosphere, impressing clients while using theses facilities Find more information in our section Spa Egipcio 

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