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The Polynesian theming at Holiday World Polynesia Hotel in Benalmádena, Spain, has proven to be a guaranteed of full house and highly satisfied clients eager to come back and stay again with them.


Holiday World Polynesia was meant as an 'all inclusive' hotel with more than 318 junior suites within the Holiday World complex, located in Benalmádena. Considering the extinction of the sun and beach tourism, the company owner of this hotel thought about building a themed hotel in order to increase the number of visitors, attract new clients, build up loyalty amongst them and increasing profitability by means of a spectacular theming setting of more than 30,000 m2 and inspired in the Polynesia, carried out in just 9 months.


The hotel is built around a great central hall from which each of the three wings of the hotel begins: Bora Bora, Easter Island and Samoa. A 18 m high portico made out of bamboo and reed welcomes customers.

The reception hall is the most spectacular area in this hotel. The hotel houses a Baobab forest within up to 35 m high trees rising from a 1,000 m2 lake.

At the other side of the lake, a 30 m suspension bridge leads to a square dominated by a paraboloidal sculpture covered in bamboo.

To round off this setting, a lake was created with cybernetic water fountains offering light and color features as well as a water curtain as background of the reception desk. This curtain has light and color features as well as laser rays displaying texts on water.

In the Bora Bora area, a giant terrarium was used as decoration element to house turtles. This terrarium encompasses multiple lakes and replicates a marsh area with exuberant vegetation.

The Easter Island area reproduces a garden with breathtaking moai statues and rain-forest vegetation within. An enormous 9 m high birdcage in bamboo was built.

The Samoan area has numerous cross-bars reaching 30 m in height.

Distributed throughout the hotel, a number of themed characteristic elements have been installed to create a new experience, stimulating sales. The arcade in the swimming pool was built replicating aged wood and iron brackets; Palapa snack - bar, with African reed roof and bamboo structure; Polynesian Minigolf, with multiple sculptures and ethnic motives from Polynesia; the exclusive carved flooring, using the Rocas & Design's carving techniques; Theater, made out of thatched roof and wooden structure.


  • Elephants' roundabout: Located in the Crta. Nacional 340, its 10 real size elephants have become the new brand image of this resort.
  • 4,000 m2 of concrete-coated columns replicating Baobab trees up to 37 m in height.
  • 5,000 m2 of concrete-coated columns as wooden crossbars up to 35 m in height with aged finishing and rusty brackets.
  • Bamboo birdcage up to 11 m ready to house a colony of Lovebirds.
  • Moai Gardens with 'real touch' artificial plants and Moai sculptures up to 4 m in height.490 m2 surface.
  • Giant 500 m2 terrarium for turtles simulating their natural habitat using lakes and beaches.Artificial 'read touch' planters. 
  • Suspended bridge up to 11 m in height over 1,000 m2 lake. Finished in large gauge aged cordage, tropical wood and rusty iron features.
  • Fountains with synchronized lighting features in central lake ready to offer cybernetic light and sound displays (60 different programs). Cutting edge led technology.
  • 16 m wide water curtain with RGB led lighting (16 different effects) as well as text and logo projection with 3D monochrome laser. Video projector with short throw lens for projection on large scale screens.
  • Paraboloid sculpture up to 7 m in height with bamboo finishing and sisal cordage.
  • Themed signage in retail premises, halls and rooms. Ethnic Polynesian furniture exclusively designed for this hotel.


Extensive use of bamboo and African thatch with low maintenance finishing.

  • 7,500 m2 of themed surface with ashlars and geometric features. No maintenance. No special cleaning system required. No burning sensation for swimmers. Suncream and body oil resistant. Suitable for high pressure water cleaning. NO PRINTED FLOORING.
  • Access roundabout in ctra.N-340 with a 10-real-size elephant herd.
  • Themed fountain with two real size elephants.
  • 9-hole mini golf with Polynesian theming.
  • Monumental arcade in swimming pool area with aged wood finishing.2 stores (swimming pool and buffet terrace level).
  • Hyperbolic-paraboloid shaped stage in bamboo and African thatch for events.
  • Ethnic bars and restaurants themed in African thatch.
  • Multiple planters and monumental decorative items.
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