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With several decades of history, Parques de Atracciones de Madrid becomes the cornerstone of the Spanish amusement industry player Parques Reunidos, who faces an unprecedented updating process. PAM eagerly integrates family model in its strong commitment to incorporating children in its amusement and entertainment offer. Therefore, PAM relies on the globally popular characters from the USA franchise Nickelodeon. Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, Rugrats, among others, spring to life and reality in the brand new children area thanks to Rocas & Design.

Description: Full color and fully dimensional sculptures of all characters, 3D signage with different textures, decoration and ornamental elements for attractions, production and installation of scenes, props for the photo snapshot and a giant 10 meter pineapple are just some of the works carried out by Rocas & Design in this children's area.
Within the selection of rides, it is worth highlighting the production of: Sponge Bob's pineapple, Dora's Adventure, Rugrats' Bumpers Cars, Diego's Crazy Bus, Patrick's Teacups, signage for the children's area, decoration of the souvenir shop and the Dora's Square building.
The production stage has taken place under the daily supervision from Nickelodeon's Design Department in the USA. Likewise, the construction and installation of these elements has been carried out under the strict control from Parques Reunido's Project Management. Thanks to this cooperation, Rocas & Design delivers a project which complies with the quality standards from the most demanding clients: children who will shortly visit the children's area in Parque de Atracciones de Madrid.

Materials: resin, expanded polystyrene, metal profiling, ribbed metal sheets, multiple types of paint, TXT mortar and ,two-component alifatic polyurethane.

Techniques: shot concrete, structural calculation, stencil, spray, sculpting, digital printing and CNC milling.

Finishing: cartoon and fantasy.

Lead time: 5 months.
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