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Movie Park Germany is inspired in the magic world of the film industry and therefore has become a unique theme park within the German market. In 2010, the Spanish Parques Reunidos purchased Movie Park and ever since has undergone an updating and revitalization process until reaching yearly visitor attendance over 1,250,000. This park is located in Bottrop, in the Dusseldorf region and adjoining Holland and Belgium. It spreads over more than 45 hectares of land and more than 200 million euros were invested therein, employing more than 370 workers.

Description: Anew entrusts Parques Reunidos Rocas & Design with the update and execution of its new project called The Lost Temple, a new dark ride inspired in archaeological excavations and findings, bringing visitors back to the Jurassic.
For the execution of this turn-key project simultaneous synchronization and coordination of all departments was necessary for delivery in record time: Illustration, Production, Logistics, Structural Calculation, Design and Project Management.
Within the selection of themed elements for this project, it is worth highlighting the installation of an animatronic dropping ceiling located in the preshow zone. This queuing contains numerous themed elements, such as a spitfire dino head, ceiling replicating earthquakes and aftershocks. This along with the construction of a fossilized dino skeleton emerging from a rock vain becomes one of the most relevant themed items.
But these theming works have always been carried out in strict compliance with the TÜV safety regulations for the amusement industry. Therefore, there were numerous considerations implemented during the production and construction of this attraction such as features of railings, opening mesh size or even safety malfunction control for our animatronics. But all this was built under German and European fire performance regulations on building materials.

Materials: Shot concrete, wood, ribbed metal, iron profiling and structures, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane, clay, fiberglass reinforced plastic, polystyrene resins, curing agents, larch wood, props and LED lighting.

Techniques: shot concrete and resins, earthquake-resistant structures, welding, replication of crystals, painting and animatronics.

Finishing: realistic archaeological appearance, rust, dirt, destruction, and abandon.

Lead time: 5 months.
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