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Rocas & Design themed the “Salle des Thermes” , which is part of the attraction “Le Défi du César” at Asterix Park in Paris. This is one of the most spectacular attractions in this park and it reproduces the interior of an ancient roman thermae. This attraction was opened in 2008, but very soon the “Salle des Thermes” started undergoing serious problems due to moisture condition within the room.  This attraction runs a show that is based in lots of water features and the materials used to theme this space did not resist the water. 

After an in depth analysis of the attraction show,  Rocas & Design created a theming based on water proof panels that reproduce the original aspect of the thermae. These panels are made with a hot-galvanized steel structure and a composite material which is resistant to water and moisture.  This composite is able to reproduce the texture and the colors of marble, which is the main decorative element. The panels have different colors in the blue range with black and white veins. The rest of decorative elements are rosette window trims and molding in golden color. 

In order to create a dramatic effect, we have built two big size mosaics with aged tiles showing two mythological pictures depicted on marine inspiration fond.  On the walls of the room we have placed several big size niches with an allegoric features from ancient Rome. As part of the restoring works, we had to rebuild the four baldachins placed in the corners. 

To create the gloss appearance of polished marble we have used a special finishing product with a multi component polyurethane base which offers extreme protection against water, moisture, chlorine, and lime scale.

It was also necessary to replace the old floor for which we had to design a new galvanized steel structure and a special vinyl floor manufactured by ALTRO with a special treatment to prevent slipperiness.

All works has been executed during a period of 4 months, 3 months of atelier works and 1 month for assembly in Paris.  

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