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In this resort located in Murcia multiple leisure areas and the golf course were themed in order to offer an stand-out element amongst its competitors and to increase revenues through rentals.


The Murcian Mosa Trajectum Golf Resort was devised as a luxurious residential area designed to fit the tastes and needs from the growing number of northen European citizens moving to southern Spain seeking higher living standards.

To round off its offer, it was found necessary to theme certain parts of the resort and thus turn it into an outstanding product, contributing to create the vacation experience sought by its residents.


We were commissioned three areas in this resort: the main entrance, where the Roman bridge of Maastrich over the Mosa river was replicated; the golf course, where a 2-km long perimeter wall was built as an acoustic barrier between the exterior part and the golf course to protect players and residents; and the leisure areas, where the swimming pools corresponding to the apart-hotels were themed as a leisure area with Roman ruins, real size animal sculptures, fountains, planters and a wooden bridge.

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