Le Puy du Fou - Renaissance du Château


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Grand Parc le Puy du Fou entrusts Rocas & Design with a new work, the theming of the 'Renaissance du Château'. In this occasion, this work takes place indoors and its outcome is expected to be open to the most rigorous scrutiny, the visitor's eye. This wing of the Château is designed to become a stage inside which a number of shows will be performed.

Description: this project has consisted of multiple stages depending on the area to be themed: peristyle, chamber of portraits, banner gallery, transition corridor, chapel, kitchen, cellar, miraculous cave, library, hall of arcades, etc. Nevertheless, considering the nature of this project, not only because of its size but also because of its high level of detail, it has entailed numerous challenges in view of time constraints. Firstly, because of the number of props used to confer realism, such as coat of arms, shells and emblems. Secondly, because of the dimension of the wooden boiserie located in the hall of arcades, since this element stretches 50 m along this hall, replicating real wood and being supported by an enormous metal framework. It is then an indoor cladding supplied with numerous ornamental elements along with dozens of acid-etched mirrors and countless imperfections. The entire number of elements has been produced and mounted under the strict compliance with the European Construction Rules: DIN EN 13501-1.

Materials: resins, expanded polystyrene, styrothane, polyurea and TXT mortar.

Techniques: sculpting by means of negative and positive moulds, aging, erosion, color fading, CNC milling, chipping and nicking the planks simulating wood.

Finishing: highly realistic Renaissance-like finishing, aging wood and acid-etched crystal.

Lead time: 2 months.
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