Le Puy du Fou – Les Camps du Drap d’Or


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Grand Parc le Puy du Fou is located in the French city of Nantes and does not represent the conventional amusement park model though rather is an stage spreading out more than a hundred thousand acres where multiple delightfully themed performances take place. Thereby, Le Puy du Fou let visitors and its more than 3,300 thousand workers and team members take part in the unfolding of events of our time. Under the premise of traveling hand in hand with visitors throughout the most iconic events of our modern era, Le Puy du Fou firmly believes in theming as in a strong and continuous fashion.

Description: Rocas & Design undertakes the construction of the facade of the “Les Camps du Drap d’Or” in its first intervention, carrying out more than 2,300 m2 of Baroque touches. It represents then the park's engagement for a business model based upon leisure and themed overnight accommodation. According to sectoral studies, themed hotels come along with the following advantages: diversification of business units, boost of mid-duration and short weekend brake stays, higher contribution margin and brand consolidation before competitors.  Homogeneous elements such as balustrades and bases were manufactured at Rocas & Design's production facility. This is the place where they are applied the end patina layer to confer a naturally aged effect. At the same time, facade is built on site thanks to our sculptor's work and the implementation of innovative theming techniques. Finally, these ornamental elements are treated to stand outdoor conditions without losing their themed appearance. 

Materials: cement-based concrete, texture concrete and a mixture of organic pigments with EPS.

Techniques: aging, erosion, spatter, dripping, mixture dying, positive molding, color fading, CNC sculpting, spray, rendering and filling with mortar.

Finishing: highly realistic Renaissance-like finishing with bare brick, ashlar stone, granite, balustrades, and windowsill.

Lead time: 6 months.

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