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The Zimbaly Playa hotel in Almería, Spain, is a 4-star holiday hotel with 241 rooms, being the flagship of the Hoteles Playa Senator Group, leader chain in the leisure industry. After a comprehensive selection process, Rocas & Design was appointed for the design, construction and theming of every indoor and outdoor water fun area in this grand hotel located in the beach-front, including an outdoor swimming pool for 500 people and more than 10,000 m2 of themed terraces and gardens.


Playa Senator Hotels, drawing upon the Mayan theming works made by Rocas & Design, places its brand and hotel in an favorable positions with respect to its competitors by means of a powerful and differentiating design. As a result of our theming works as well as an excellent marketing and promotional effort, the hotel opened in 2007, having a record number of guests, a situation that repeatedly took place in 2008 and 2009 with number over 90 % out of high season.


Rocas & Design played a theming role in the development of two areas: the large outdoor terrace and the spa facilities.

Given that the hotel is located right in the beach-front, terraces and gardens covering more than 13,000 m2 were designed to provide a rest and relax area. This is a Mayan inspired ethnic theming work, using representative elements from this culture.

The main area of the terrace is located on an man-made rocky mountain from which multiple large-scale water slides start, similar to those used in water parks. The entire mountain has been sculpted simulating rock and also has a bas-relief and monumental sculptures.

The theming works of all the swimming pools were finished using hieroglyphic elements and carvings in rock to be fully integrated. Clients feel like being in an ancient temple where fun and adventure are guaranteed.

To round off these leisure facilities, a themed bar was built within the swimming pool to offer bar service from the inside. The structure of this bar is made out of round wooden beams with cordage and waterproof thatched roof.

Gardens are decorated using numerous fountains, amongst which we must highlight the roundabout with real size elephants on it and the stepped stream-like fountain.



More than 15,000 m2 were themed in less than 8 months.

  • 10,000 m2 surface of terrace with carved flooring. No maintenance. No special cleaning system required. No burning sensation for swimmers. Suncream and body oil resistant. Suitable for high pressure water cleaning. NO PRINTED FLOORING.
  • Large scale water slides provided by our partner, Van Egdom BV.
  • Green area with a central fountain containing real size elephants.
  • Monumental sculptures with Mayan theming strategically distributed.
  • 20-meter long stepped fountain with bas-relief inspired in Mayan culture.
  • Themed planters in promenades and terraces.
  • Swimming Pools connected to one another by ethnic ordinary and footbridges.
  • The swimming pool bar is covered with a thatched roofing and wooden structure made out of round beams.
  • Installation of themed hydromassage areas.
  • Outdoor showers themed as Mayan monoliths.
  • Large outdoor swimming pool measuring 900 m2.


  • Mayan themed spa measuring 1,500 m2.
  • Indoor swimming pool with Mayan bas-reliefs.
  • Gran Mayan colonnade with carved capitals.
  • Themed hydro-massage with more than 70 therapeutic jets.
  • Excavated fruity pool.
  • Themed mini swimming pool circuit.
  • Circular foot bath.
  • Entirely themed relax and reception area.
  • Ornamental foutains in relax and reception area.
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