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Rocas & Design has carried out the theming for different elements in the Marina d’Or holiday resort, namely the boutiques for Mundo Fantasía, the Jardín Encantado y the Polynesian Water Park.

With its cartoon finishing mainly addressed to junior visitors, Rocas & Deisgn has achieved a totally smooth finishing drawing upon its self-manufactured and patented mortars, using very low weight mortar in order not to increase the burden on modular rack clad structure. The primary structure of the shops is made with a galvanized steel frame with plastered partitioning walls. We placed our atelier-finished panels directly on this structure to create the cartoon effect.

Since this is cartoon finishing, the use of brilliant and attractive colors is a must. To avoid color fading due to sun exposure, a prime containing two-component aliphatic polyurethane has been applied to ensure a perfect color fixing and a very low maintenance. With this spectacular finishing, we have created a high impact area that is very attractive for children and their parents.

Therewith, a stunning sales magnet has been created for this park, since entrance and exit take place crossing through the boutique area.

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