Marina D'Or - The Enchanted Garden


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As part of the updating program of Marina d’Or, Rocas & Design has undertaken the theming of the Jardín Encantado.

The indoor area, the Jardín Encantado is divided into multiple areas recreating different atmospheres such as:

  • The gnomes
  • Mythology
  • Children’s tales
  • Merlin
  • Fairy tales
  • Butterflies and flowers 

We designed a set of characters and decorative items in each scene to provide a unique experience for visitors. All these elements were built with styrothane and a very special painting and permanent make-up process were applied afterwards to achieve a fairy tale look.  All robes were tailored and hand sewed for each character, using high quality fabrics. Designs, shapes and colors are very attractive to small kids and their parents. 

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