Company profile

Rocas & Design is a theming engineering company leader in the theme and amusement park industry. Our business model allows us working without outsourcing nor middlemen as well as offering 'turnkey projects' thanks to:

  • Balance between traditional finishing and troubleshooting by means of engineering.
  • Process simplification since you only have one partner.
  • Wide range of finishing options: ethnic (Polynesian, Mayan, Eastern…), historic (Greek, Renaissance, Persian, Egyptian…), fantasy, (Elfic, Sprites, Superheroes…), science-fiction (Animatronics, Robots…), modernist (industry, lineal designs…), architectonic (giant moulds, cornise with overhangs...); regardless of the volume.
  • Strict meeting of deadlines.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Flexibility thanks to working with every range of products.
  • Strong technical support: in-house Department of Structures and Engineering.
  • No outsourcing.
  • Immense range of materials and finishing options: mortars, resins, wood, metal, GRC, composites, etc.
  • Turnkey projects.
  • Large-scale projects possible thanks to our human and technical means.
  • Merge theming and engineering.

At Rocas & Design, engineering and art go hand in hand to provide you the very best from every side: engineering, overcoming technical barriers and meeting of deadlines, and art, preserving the entire essence and realism brought only by human creativity.

Therewith you minimize your investment and maximize profits in both the short and the long term while boosting you business towards a higher distinguishing placement with regard to your competitors. Investing in the theming of Rocas & Design will help you increase profitability so as to bringing a higher number of customers onto your point of sale.


Feasibility study: Knowing which approach should your business require is as critical as knowing how to get a return over your investment. Therefore, we start from a deep analysis of your business model and carry on with the building of your brand. Subsequently, we continue with the location analysis as well as with its features and size. We go on evaluating your market, the placement of your brand and, thus, of your project. Finally, we round off studying your design and prototype from your project considering the pool of attractions.

Master planning: At this stage, you will be able to preview your project, not only as a whole but also in detail. Here high quality A2 drawings are sent so that you can perceive in only one glance the main features and final design. Furthermore, section drawings are generated to help you distinguish each and every feature in high level of detail, such as: facades, interiors, walkways, shaded areas, sun areas, show areas, stages, signage, buildings, planters, kiosks, balustrades, arcs, and so on.   This approach will help you determine the visitor's flow according to your business interests and other marketing criteria in addition to other factors such as: access, roads for emergency vehicles, surveillance, and so on.  

Technical study: Essentially, our engineering team will undertake the entire technical planning of your project, consisting of: topographical plan, foundations, construction drawings for buildings and other structural elements, assembly drawings for attractions, technical drawings for themed elements, reference book for themed elements containing descriptions and photos, technical drawings for the electrical system, for plumbing, gas supply, IT, and sewage, technical drawings for access, parking area, and walkways, description of construction techniques for each element, and safety plan for construction. Moreover, they are entrusted the overcoming of technical barriers encountered while developing your project.  

Construction supervision: The Project Manager, together with the Product Manager, will supervise each and every aspect playing a role in the execution of your project, from the shipment of materials, passing through the hiring of suppliers and personnel, to the installation of themed and structural elements. All this is carried out in close collaboration with the Project Management, with which they will maintain a fluent communication and report on progress and evolution of your construction.


All starts with an idea. Your project takes its first steps with our first interview, upon which we draw to discover all the initial guidelines. Having your goal in mind, a road map is outlined of the conception process in order to not only make real your project, but also the number of factors involved. We do not only confine ourselves to the general design, but we go beyond and move forward to develop an itemized design of the entire themed and leisure content: rides, points of sale, restaurants, facilities, signage and every element helping tell your story to the visitor, from the entrance to the exit. After getting a preview of the design, you will be able to plan more effectively your project and without incurring neither confusions nor undesired surprises. During this process you will also be advised about the purchase of rides and other elements, which will allow you to simplify even more, if possible, the development of your project. Your idea will take shape as time goes by up to reaching the end product.

Rocas & Design does not help you fulfill your customer's preconceived schemes; we help you go beyond that.   With our Master Planning service, the appealing design of your spaces will directly touch your customer to evoke in himself and his family unparalleled long-lasting memories. This will not only have an impact on customers and families longing for visiting these places, but also on them wishing to remain in them.

Thus it is about make your business a more marketable product. It is about people looking forward to riding your attractions and repeating. It is not about creating an exhibit, but a world that will bring your clients to the doorstep of fantasy, an entire and unique world itself, from science fiction settings, passing through colonial times, and, for instance, to the Nickelodeon universe.

For that purpose, we offer you an approach far away from traditionalisms and we suggest you an innovative and surprising way to approach your clients. An approach inviting them to explore and establish strong ties with your brand. To put it shortly, an approach orientated to results. 


In harmony with avant-garde engineering techniques, our artists manually culminate the themed elements.   Thanks to them, characteristic textures and shapes are conferred to bring these elements to life and gain in realism. Being like that, every element possesses a unique finishing without, of course, losing its engineering ingredient, which confers great resilience to outdoor conditions and prevents them from deterioration from external effects. Services: sculpting, painting, carpentry, mortars, metal, resins, wood, GRC, animatronics and so on.


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