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After the acquisition of Parc Bagatelle – Berck in France by the leisure industry group Looping all necessary works started to build a new reference attraction for this Park. The final result is named after TRYOP’S, an impressive 50-meter height inverted roller coaster. Rocas & Design has built all the foundations for the new attraction and the roads for emergency services and boarding.
Although it is not a theming work per se, the truth is that Rocas & Design also provides civil engineering services for our clients in the attraction industry. In this particular case, Rocas & Design undertook all the technical plans for the foundations which were certified by SOCOTEC, a prestigious risk management and performance enhancement provider. We managed all the construction works, which were done in French alongside with the previously mentioned technical dossier.

Due to the low ground resistance, it was necessary to use piles to make all the foundations. For the 41 foundations, we had to make more than 1.100 meters of piles. There were also other complicated situations, like the low temperature during winter in this part of France, which makes very difficult to work with concrete because of freezing, and the groundwater level, that was in many cases above 40 cm below surface.
It is possible to perceive in the pictures the real dimension of this work for such a big attraction (nearly 50 meters height). The most modern technique was necessary in order to prevent any mistakes during assembly, like satellite assisted topographical services to achieve pinpoint accuracy.

Parc Bagatelle – Berck is located in the north of France, close to the city of Berck. It is built on an old airport and offers a wide range of leisure facilities for both adults and children. The new roller coaster TRYOP’S is the most spectacular attraction of this park.

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