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Still in the Canary Islands, Aspro Parks commissions anew Rocas & Design the update of a very special park, Palmitos Park. Within this educational leisure offer there is: a zoo, a dolphinarium, an exotic bird display, numerous aquariums, multiple terrariums for reptiles as well as other themed attractions inspired in the animal world.

Description: In view of the realism brought by Rocas & Design's sculpted pavement, Aspro Parks initiates a new update and renovation program. In this occasion, 6000 m is the surface corresponding to the park extension. Once there, Rocas & Design becomes a trustworthy supplier for top-ranked companies of the Amusement Industry.

Materials: shot concrete, ribbed metal and curing agents.

Techniques: sculpted pavement.

Finishing: historic and Caribbean colonial.

Lead time: 4 months.
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