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Anew entrusts Aspro Parks Rocas & Design with the update and renovation of its parks. This is again a turnkey project for the update of the Aqualand farnchise, Costa Adeje, in the Canary Islands. Through the work of our Art Department, as in Maspalomas, our client was able to preview the finishing of the park prior to the beginning of the construction works, which let them make decisions on the designs proposed by Rocas & Design.

Description: This intervention has amounted up to 14,551 m2 of theming surface and comprises a great deal of sculpted pavement as different attrezzo and ornamental elements. Souvenir shops, food kiosks, box offices and entryway represent the most iconic structural themed elements within. Other than that are the perimeter wall, security railing, planters, wave pool, sun areas, shade areas, lazy river, props and rides that comprise the variety of themed areas. One of the most remarkable works is, though, the production and installation of large-scale wooden coffered ceiling replicating real wood as well as false ceilings for these buildings. Moreover, large-scale gates in real aged coffered wood and ornamental elements were mounted within. Coat of arms and manually crafted forge elements became also a part of the ornaments to dress up these buildings.

Materials: sprayed concrete, fiber glass net, wood, ribbed mesh, thixotropic mortar, curing agents, metal profiling, expanded polystyrene, two-component alifatic polyurethane, styrothane, and polyurea.

Techniques: sculpting, structure calculation, welding, CNC cutting and waterproofing.

Finishing: historic and Caribbean colonial.

Lead time: 9 months.
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