The advantages of theming with Rocas & Design

Here are ten reasons why Rocas & Design is your nº1 choice for your themed project:

1. Increase profits

Increase the profitability and average revenues of your business with  Rocas & Design. Our theming will confer your important comerical advantages, increasing customer satisfaction, boosting repeat business and stimulating sales effortlessly.

2. Reduce your theming costs with our production

We achieve spectacular results for large projects thanks to our production techniques. We manufacturer on a modular basis from our workshop in Alicante, assembling and finishing parts in their final location. The result, compared to other forms of on-site theming, is a lower price, with reduced lead times and an ultra realistic more accomplished finish.

3. Eliminate maintenance costs

Reduce ground maintenance costs to a minimum. Rocas & Design techniques allow a natural and desired aging of themed works that do not require special care, labour intensive or frequent maintenance, as occurs with other themed finishes that fade in sunlight, weather poorly or do not withstand continual use.

4. Reduce lead times

You gain with Rocas & Design because your project lead times are always under control and are shortened (compared to other production methods) thanks to our excluse manufacturing methods. Free of unwelcome suprises or unforseen misfortunes, every detail is executed in accordance to the detailed plans laid out by our technical department.

5. Enjoy fully customised themed projects

Benefit from exclusive solutions for your theming project: materials, equipment, techniques, and unique finishes that you won´t find elsewhere, like RocamorTXT™, a patented, NHL based thixotropic mortar that results in a unbeatable level of artificial rock realism .

6. Preview the finished article before commencing work

Thanks to our inhouse design department, you can view the finished project before works even commence. This will allow you to have a very clear idea of the project and will greatly assist your comercial activities before works are completed. We also make scale maquettes for special projects.

7. Recieve professional creative consultancy

We can assist you to define your theming needs even with a fixed budget. We will guide you through the creative options so that your project becomes a big hit for your bottom line and your company reputation. Our consultancy is focused to your business, analysing your needs, and determining the type of themed product best suited to your clients.

8. Hire a turnkey supplier

Manage your project the easier way. We offer turnkey project solutions, without subcontracting, and without risks, as Rocas & Design controls all processes from start to finish. We offer an exclusive manufacturing method and a solid team of highly experienced theming professionals.

9. Benefit from our scale of production

Take advantage of our high capacity to attend to your needs better. Rocas & Design has an extensive infrastructure that means you can enjoy our high production capacity. Due to our themed construction expertise combined with our exclusive materials we complete large projects in record time and at unbeatable prices.

10. Trust the leader

Trust the leadership of theming by Rocas & Design. We are backed by more than eight years with artificial rock and other materials and hundreds of projects under our belt. We work for leading companies in the leisure and tourist markets, spa, construction, and leisure, creating unique environments and adding value to businesses.

Transform your business with theming by Rocas & Design.


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